How To Start Forex Trading From Home


How To Start Forex Trading From Home

Is Trading From Home as glamourous as most people think?

Trading from home can be quite appealing to many people. There are many glamourous photos of people living wild lifestyles, in amazing homes, with flash cars, fancy watches, expensive bags and so it continues.

Are those unrealistic expectations? Are they fake and set up?

Well, let's take this one step at a time. Every person has different goals and objectives and so each journey will vary. Some will take more risks and potentially achieve a greater reward and others might trade more cautiously.


Now, for me personally, I tend to just trade in a t-shirt and baseball cap. My trading objectives are not in the league of the "high rollers". I am just an ordinary guy, married to a lovely wife with 2 teenage children. My children (like many) always want the latest phone, the latest gadgets, the popular brand clothes, games consoles and so on. And for us, as a family, it's all about the kids!

In addition, many people think that trading from home dictates having multiple screens, loads of different price charts all visible at the same time, a really fast and powerful computer and loads of other expensive equipment to trade forex. Not the case.

Trading From Home with loads of screens...?

I trade on one computer, with one screen (well actually I utilise 3 screens but the majority of my trading and analysis is done on one screen). When I step away from my desk, I can continue to monitor any current trades that I might be in on an app on my smartphone. When the sun is out, I might go and trade from my laptop in the garden.

Plus, you and I could take the very same trade on the same currency pair but I might have a slightly different entry point to you (because price is always moving) and my analysis might suggest that price would go to a higher (or lower) point than you think on your analysis. So you might close your position earlier than me... or I might close my position earlier than you. So we will have different results. Our results might differ, our individual journeys might differ but we are all learning the same skillset. If you wish to build your trading account up and then make a withdrawal to extend the number of screens, that's up to you.

But actually trading from home on your own can be quite a lonely experience, which is where our fantastic trading community helps. With Live sessions (at least one per day), you can discuss currency pairs, you can ask questions, you can bounce ideas off each other and actually build really good relationships with other members!

Or why not attend one of our weekly Live Q&A Sessions.

How To Start Forex Trading From Home

Of course, you can find various resources online, where you can start learning to trade Forex. Some of those can give you good results. Some are one off costs (quite expensive) and can be worthwhile but I have also heard that some don't have much substance and you are sold on a belief.

Whereas we are a bunch of ordinary people, helping other ordinary people learn how to trade forex from home.


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Ready to take the next step?

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