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my Mission

My personal mission is to help more people understand, navigate and profit from the Forex markets
Many folk out in the real world feel that trading the markets is too complicated or too technical or too risky. And I get that. But it's like anything that you have no prior knowledge of... you learn it.

my experience

I have been trading Forex since 2017, which may not seem like a long time! But I was able to quit my job within 8 months of starting. Crazy right?

I'll be honest, I had a brief introduction to Forex a few years earlier and I had also tried my hand at Spread Betting - BUT - the Forex introduction was some software and didn't really teach me anything plus my Spread Betting experience was basically following from a textbook. 

And, of course, neither made me much money. I also dabbled in Binary Options and by having an attitude of dabbling meant that I was going to lose money - it was inevitable. Since I've started trading Forex, I've had quite a ride! I've had ups and downs and unfortunately, at one point, I second guessed the markets with an impending Brexit announcement and lost... I got slapped into place and then I went on the revenge trading blitz making the situation worse... I got slapped even harder!!


That experience made me a better trader! It made me more focused, more cautious, more sensible. It made me embrace the losses as it is part of the journey. I was rebuilt as a better Forex trader. 

That part of my journey is what has helped me to help others - to avoid those same or similar mistakes.


I come from a fairly simple background - nothing to give me an unfair advantage over others. I see many people in our trading community saying that if they can do it, anyone can do it, and I'll have to say the same. I'm nothing special at all, I've just plugged in, taken the time to learn, taken the time to apply myself, followed more education and educators, and generally strived to improve myself and my abilities. 

I went to a decent school but I didn't go to college or university. And even though it was a decent school, I didn't come away with any amazing exam results. I had a lot going on in my life at that stage - not an excuse but I have since proved that I do have the ability, I just didn't apply it back then. 

I've been an employee and I've been self employed too. 


As an employee, I could work as hard (more likely harder) as my colleagues and still earn the same money. I could work overtime to earn more money - but let's face it, you are still hitting a limit on your earning potential. One of my previous management roles meant that I would be supporting colleagues in the the United States and so I could be (and frequently was) disturbed at 3am (because I'm in the UK). I have to confess, I loved that job! I had job satisfaction, I provided solutions and felt like I was at the top of my game. I travelled to the USA a lot and also to Germany and France to train staff and was involved in projects... which I thoroughly enjoyed.


But then I made a decision, shortly after my son was born in 2003, to step out on my own and "run my own business" - to become self employed. The thought of being self employed was exciting and terrifying at the same time! In reality, I was giving myself another job - or more than one job actually. I would have to advertise (put on the Marketing Department Hat), meet clients (put on the Sales Department Hat), deliver the work (put on the Production Team Hat), send the invoice (put on the Accounts Department Hat), chase the invoice payment (put on the Credit Controller Hat)... and then continue the cycle for other existing & new clients. I had to attend Business Networking Meetings and Events, which forced me to step out of my comfort zone - because I didn't consider myself a "networker" having been an employee for so many years. 

And then after changes online, driving prices down, I finally gave up flogging a dead horse having been self employed for just over 10 years.

So, I went back to having a job... being an employee. Because at least you've got a steady income as an employee... right? I had lost my confidence and was applying for jobs with a salary much lower than I had been used to (as an employee and as self employed). But I had to do something! 

I missed the occasional time freedom that I got with being self employed. For example, I got to attend my children's sports days without having to ask for time off, which was great! So, I looked at other alternatives to earning money and I investigated affiliate marketing, rev shares, spread betting... and then Forex trading landed in my lap from one of my Facebook contacts.

If they hadn't shared it with me, I wouldn't have been able to make the changes that I was looking for. So I continue to share my experience in the hopes that it will help others too.


I'm pretty much always wearing a baseball cap or a flat cap and I've often been asked why. 

I shave my head because it's a simpler life (plus I'm bald!!) and I am now more comfortable wearing a hat - especially during the chillier times of the year! It has its benefits during the warmer months too - because the peak keep the sun out of my eyes.

But when I'm conducting live sessions, I tend to wear headphones - and I know it's silly ... but ... the headphones have left a groove in the top of my head before. You know when you see someone who has hair and they take their headphones off and they get a groove in their hair, well I get one in the top of my head - not as obvious as if I had hair of course, so it's just a comfort thing really.

I'm not sure why it's such a focus point - but hey, it is what it is LOL...

(Oh yeah... and this photo...? It's from my "Lockdown phase") pffffft... 

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