My 100 Trades report


Why would I wish to start recording 100 trades on the 19th October 2020? Why not start at the beginning of November? Well a trading buddy of mine was talking about doing this and I thought I would do it too and why wait until November, when I can start at the first convenient opportunity - being Monday 19th October 2020.

Yes of course I understand that the markets open at 10pm (UK time) on Sunday evening, so I could start placing some trades then - but I don't usually place any trades on the Sunday - sometimes I might jump on if I've left a trade open from Friday but my usual trading habits are to not leave trades open over the weekend and to not trade Sunday evenings.

So, 100 trades. I could complete the 100 trades in a week, maybe 2 weeks, maybe 1 month - but don't worry, the way I trade, it won't be 1 trade per day. Thankfully you won't have to wait 100 days for me to complete 100 trades for my report.

For my 100 trades, I intend to record the date (possibly the time as well), the currency pair, the result (win, lose or breakeven), the number of pips (positive or negative) and the reason for entering the trade.

If you would like to follow my 100 trades - I will be recording everything about my 100 trades here.

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