how to compound your trading account

This is one of the most amazing parts of trading Forex - compounding your account 

How To Compound Your Trading Account

How to compound your trading account - and before I start... I get it... this might seem totally unrealistic and I appreciate your views. And with that in mind, this might not be for you. But this seriously is not going to cost you anything to take a look. And let's face it... if you only manage to achieve 10% (which isn't a lot) of what I'm about to show you... I'm sure it would be a help.


This is an example based on a formula to compound your trading account that you can cross reference using the link below. The data is based on an account growth of 3% per trading day - and typically there are 20 trading days per month. This is then projected across the following 12 months (12 months x 20 trading days = 240 days in total). Now you could gain 3% in one trade - or you may place more than one position in order to achieve your 3% growth. However, let's be realistic... you are NOT going to win every trade. So you will have losses along the way too (please bear that in mind).

month 1


month 6


month 12

Week One
Week Two
Week Three
Week Four


The settings that I used to compare this on Compound Daily was:
Initial Amount: $100
Daily Interest Rate in Percentage: 3
Length of term (in days): 240 (12 months x 20 trading days)
Daily Reinvest Rate: 100% 
Include Weekend: No
Compound Daily
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