This wasn't necessarily an intentional move to just stick to GBPAUD like I did (in the main) on Friday. But stick with it I did.

I was planning to start my 100 Trades Journal on Monday 19/10/2020 - but I wasn't feeling great and didn't end up trading at all on Monday.

As I had had a great day on Friday trading GBPAUD, I thought I'd follow the structure and price levels and trade this pair again. And it turned out very nicely!

I was mainly placing sell positions, basically waiting for the price to reach a certain level and then sell the price move down.

I only placed 9 trades in the end and sadly missed quite a big move, which I found quite frustrating because one of my positions was right at the top of the start of a move downwards - and that would have netted me 100 pips on its own. Why didn't I let it run? Because with the price movements, it had been bouncing up and down for a while - and I should have been ready to let it run. One of my positions had hit a bit of drawdown and at the time, I was not at my computer and was just watching on my phone. I saw that all positions were in blue (positive), so I decided to close.

I don't mean to live with regret but if I'd have waited until I got back to my computer, I could have checked a few more bits before closing the positions and I could have let those run. Never mind.

But actually, I'd had a fairly decent day anyway with a total of 134 pips across the 9 positions (just shy of 15 pips per position on average).

Now on to Day 2 of my 100 Trades Journal... let's see if I can improve on today.

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