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The blog is where I share articles, videos and images that I hope will be of help and benefit. Some will cover MINDSET, some will cover TECHNICAL ASPECTS, some will cover TRADING STRATEGIES, some will cover results too - but you might want to check out my TRADING DIARY (or some refer to it as a trading journal)...
Trading Probability & How It Helps

Trading probability is quite a key point with regards to trading. Especially as I'm in the process of running my 100 Trades Journal. I've just listened to a guy called David from the USA, who I had the pleasure of meeting when he visited the UK recently (I say recently - I can't remember if […]

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Day 2 of my 100 Trades Journal. Yep, I'm sticking with GBPAUD for the day again 🙂 ... I wasn't necessarily seeing if I could improve on yesterdays performance but, once again, I was watching the levels and structure of this currency pair and things were looking good (again). Price was bouncing in a channel […]

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My Personal Battles Today

My personal battles and why this might help you with your own trading in the Forex arena. Today has been Day 2 of my 100 Trades Journal and I closed Trade 21 of my 100 Trades giving me a total of 160 pips for the day from 12 trades. Sometimes tough decisions need to be […]

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This wasn't necessarily an intentional move to just stick to GBPAUD like I did (in the main) on Friday. But stick with it I did. I was planning to start my 100 Trades Journal on Monday 19/10/2020 - but I wasn't feeling great and didn't end up trading at all on Monday. As I had […]

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My 100 Trades report

Why would I wish to start recording 100 trades on the 19th October 2020? Why not start at the beginning of November? Well a trading buddy of mine was talking about doing this and I thought I would do it too and why wait until November, when I can start at the first convenient opportunity […]

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The subject of Trading Discipline is a topic than often crops up. And do you know why? Because the majority of Retail Traders (traders like you and me, who trade from home - or maybe from their phone whilst out and about) lose money and it is normally down to their trading discipline - or […]

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GBPAUD - 216 pips

As I write, it’s currently 18:35 on Friday 16/10/2020 and I’ve had a great day! I started the day conducting a LIVE Trading session at 08:30 for the Ninja Forex Traders and also for our Ninja Forex Traders Lite community (our trial group), taking a look at the scanner and moving through the currency pairs […]

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GBPNZD - What a trade!

In this video, I talk through using the Ninjacator (our "in-house" developed Trading View Indicator) and how simple this is to help you decide to get into and out of a trade. We discussed this pair on the 08:30 Live trading session and soon after received our first alert.

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I got burgled

I'm moving because I got burgled! Quite a statement right there... a powerful statement that can cause concern, fear, alarm and more... But this is more about your mindset. I'm not really moving because I wasn't really burgled. But the way I look at this is... you wouldn't let a thief or a burglar into […]

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